Satomas has vast experiences in relocation of QC, RMG, or RTG Crane within Port terminal to terminal by using floating crane or Port to Port using heavy lift vessel.

The advantage of using floating crane is CLEAN and EFFICIENT, minimizing the interruption of Port operation whereas using heavy lift vessel for relocation will provide fast and efficient operation.


Port Crane Modernization Program


Satomas specializes Port Equipment Modernization. The expertise of our Engineer included Wheel span expansion.

Raising of height for QC, RMG & RTG

QC, RTG, RMG Life Assessment program.

Modernization of Electrical Drive Control System & Mechanical Components replacement.


Port Crane Maintenance and Repair


Satomas is qualified to provide complete comprehensive maintenance program for all Port Equipment. The program includes:

  • Routine maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Breakdown maintenance
  • Complete overhauling program of all type of components for Material handling equipment.

Diesel Engine Overhaul


Offer turnkey comprehensive overhaul services for marine vessel, offshore platform, port, remote island power plant.